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The Beauty of Valkyries in Norse Mythology: Are they what we think?

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Norse mythology has fascinating characters, but the Valkyries are among the most intriguing. Typically portrayed as fierce, beautiful women who select which warriors will go to Valhalla, the popular image of the Valkyries as "sexy mistresses" is misleading. In this blog post, we will explore the true nature of the Valkyries, including their relationship with the Norns and their role in Norse spirituality. We will also discuss the possibility of reviving the lost knowledge of these powerful beings through modern spiritual practices.

Etymology and Origins: More Than Just Harbingers of Death

The Valkyries are the Norns (deities that are shaping our destiny) of warriors and are choosing who is to become an einheri (fallen warriors that are brought to Valhalla). Valkyrie translates to Choosers of the Chosen. According to Norse mythology, the Valkyries were female figures who chose which warriors would die in battle and be taken to Valhalla, Odin's hall. However, the Valkyries were more than just harbingers of death.

Debunking the Sexy Mistress Myth: A Pagan Perspective

The mainstream picture of the Valkyries is that they are "sexy mistresses" serving mead in Valhalla. This is probably based on the texts in Prose Edda (written by a Christian). But if we read the Poetic Edda (written by pagans) we can tell that they were seen as something different.

The Norns are female beings in Norse mythology who create and control fate. In the Old Norse myths, norns and Valkyries are closely related. However, while both groups of spirits seem to determine what happens in a person's life, the Valkyries seem to be warriors' norns. In the sagas, the number of Valkyries varies depending on the source, but they are usually depicted as a group.

There are conflicting sources on whether Valkyries were only spiritual fighters in the spiritual realm or if they also were real living women.

One theory is that the original shield maidens were Völvas who changed their hamr (a part of the soul, read more here) and sent their spirits to the battlefield to help influence the outcome in the spiritual realm.

Reviving the Lost Knowledge

Our modern worldview is so different than our ancestors and it is difficult for us to get what the Valkyries really are. But people interested in learning more about Norse spirituality and getting into practices such as meditation, lucid dreaming, and astral projection could bring back the lost knowledge and ability to control Valkyrie spirits with training and research. Who knows?


The Valkyries are more than mythical figures; they represent an important aspect of Norse spirituality. By exploring the true nature of these powerful beings and reviving the lost knowledge associated with them, we can gain a deeper understanding of our spiritual selves. With training and research, one could bring the lost knowledge of these powerful beings back to life. So that the next time you find yourself facing a battle, physical or spiritual, you can have the Valkyries and their power with you.

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