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Viking era key

I recently added a new product to my pendant collection and that is a key pendant. I also made a video of me forging one which you can see on my YouTube channel. The version I am forging in the video is a key for a pull lock. I also demonstrate in the video how a pull lock works. These type of keys and locks were used during the iron age.

The key has always been a symbol of power and authority. And it was carried visible as a jewelry kind of for that reason. It was also common that keys were decorated because of that.

viking era key

There is also a lot of mysteries and magic when it comes to keys and locks. Dragons could be carved around the keyhole to scare away demons who tried to sneak in through the keyhole and keys could also be decorated with dragons for the same reason.

- Blowing through keys or biting on iron could cause a toothache. 

- Keys should never be placed on table because that could lead to discord in the house.

- During birthing the woman should keep and sharpening iron and a key close to her to protect her from trolls

I have also read the key could cure illness if handled correctly. More recipies and stories on this website:  


See a video how I forge and explain how this is made


- Book: På järnets fasta grund

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