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Only get this "Master Bundle" if you never want to spend any money on bushcraft tools again.

Hand-forged with over 1000 years of tradition.

Unbreakable quality, companions for a lifetime.

Reliable for the stormiest and coldest weather conditions.

Absolutely unique, First of his Kind

“Searched for a long time after a unique and high-end bushcrafting kit, but I didn't expect it to be so beautiful and practical. Truly a masterpiece”


Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary?


Most tools are made from inferior metals, leaving you stranded when you need them the most.


Our tools, however, are crafted from high-carbon steel, chosen for its strength and resilience.


Forged from the survival experience and tradition of the Vikings, this bundle guarantees a 95% safe bushcrafting experience.

If they survived with these tools and knowledge, why not you?

Created for Generations

Most bushcrafting tools aren't meant to last a lifetime. After a few years, months, or even weeks, they lose their effectiveness and get replaced.


Thanks to the hand-forging process of high-carbon steel, the tools in this bundle will outlast your timeline and can be passed down to your sons and daughters

Personally Forged for YOU

Bushcrafting tools should mirror your unshattered will to survive and be something unique and personal for you.


Thats why you can engrave either your name or your favorite rune on the axe and flint striker.


Your Choice!

Discover The BUndle


Upgrade Your Bushcrafting tool kit

Masterful Hand-Forged Bushcrafting Axe

It slices through wood as if it were A piece of hot Land O' Lakes butter—sharp, robust, crafted not just to cut but to last for generations.

First Spiral Tripod holder of its kind

As compact as your wrist knife, yet unmatched in stability and portability. The best and most reliable way to cook in the wilderness.

Mjölnir Flintstriker

Sparks a flame in the first 6 seconds, unfaced by the harsh and changing environment.


And also serves as a powerful pendant symbolizing strength and protection

Buscrafting Master class

Provides essential techniques like fire-making with flint and steel and creating charcloth—skills the Vikings used to survive in the untamed Norse wilderness.


3 Characteristics YOU need to have 

Courage and Bravery

This Master Bundle is only for the 1% who truly live the lifestyle of the wild. If you just want to replace your tools every year like a bloody greenhorn, then this isn't the right choice for you.

Honoring the old Traditions

All tools and techniques are forged in honor of the Vikings from thousands of years ago. They perfected these to survive in the harshest and coldest environments. If they survived then, you will too.

Striving for excelence in Bushcrafting and Survival

This isn't just another toolkit you find in every convenience store; it's a lifetime promise to amplify your outdoor skills with the right tools, so you can reach the peak of bushcrafting and survivalism.

1977 5-Star reviews

Our Promises

Forged from the highest quality iron to create a lasting experience.

Lifetime Warranty

One-of-a-kind tool designs + personalization

Reliable in every situation, thanks to 1000 years of expertise and mastery.

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Bushcraft Master Bundle


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About Your Blacksmith

"I have always been fascinated by the simple things in life. History inspires me, showing what can be achieved with simple tools and great skill. My journey began as a child, crafting a wooden spoon, which ignited my passion for creating useful items. Starting with wood, I quickly progressed to metal, forging advanced tools like chisels, knives, and axes.


In 2010, I built my forge and founded "LUFOLK," combining ancient craftsmanship with modern technology. Working with my hands offers a freedom beyond machines, allowing me to connect with people worldwide and cater to diverse needs.


From intricate jewelry to robust tools like axes and swords, I embrace challenges to showcase my skills and bring the essence of ancient times to life. Each piece is crafted with dedication, ensuring it serves as a reliable companion for a lifetime. Proudly, I call myself "The Whole World's Blacksmith."


"I just received my LUFOLK Bushcraft Master Bundle, and I’m blown away. The craftsmanship is incredible—each tool feels indestructible and perfectly made. Knowing these were hand-forged by a master blacksmith adds a special touch. I can’t wait to put them to use on my next adventure!"

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