Sophie, Instagram @falyriae
Having the honor of wearing the crescent moon pendant forged by Philip was truly exciting. You can easily distinguish his style from many others, by his magical touch. Behind his works, there is a lot of love, dedication, culture, and magnificent energy concentrated in her magnificent creations, and you can feel all this by wearing them. It's like being in contact with a real time shaper, I guarantee it! //Sophie, @falyriae
Anders, Ullrs Bloð

I have been working with Lufolk for a couple of years plus enjoying his craftsmanship even before that. 

Philips's creative ideas and incredible eye for detail and history, while being able to see old things in a new light are remarkable and he has never stopped to show up in the fullest integrity to his vision and passion to be of service as the village blacksmith. 

Today I’m happy and honored to be working with Philip in the creation of my URKRAFT pendants. 

If you are searching for smith work from axe and knife to pendants and finger rings customized to your personal needs and ideas I can’t recommend Philip Lufolk enough. //Anders, Ullrs Bloð