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We at Lufolk offer unique, handcrafted products that have been forged in the cold and dark forges of Scandinavia. Our goods are inspired by the Vikings of old and their quest for adventure. Use our products to create your own story or adventure and live them out: Forging new worlds, just like the Vikings did.

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These knives will serve you well for years to come. They can... 

For pagans

Imagine yourself in a world of myths and legends. A world where... 

For the Viking

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Keeping a lost art alive

I use to imagine how it was back in the days when there was a blacksmith in every village and the villagers went to the blacksmith when they needed something to the household, maybe a hook, a special tool or something else they needed. Then the blacksmith fired up the forge and forged the product according to the villager's description and needs. I think the same need still exists but instead of sticking to my own village I want to reach out to the whole world and be your "local blacksmith"

I would like to call myself "the whole world's village blacksmith"

  • Why handmade?

    Handmade products are the most authentic and genuine you can get. It's not just a product—it's a piece of art made by someone who cares. Every time you reach for a handmade object, it will remind you of the hard work that went into making it. Handmade items don't just become part of your life—they become part of your story.

  • Why from a small business?

    When you purchase from a small business, you are supporting the people who made your product. You are making a statement that you value quality and craftsmanship over mass production. You are buying something that has been made with love, care and attention to detail by someone who cares about the outcome of their work.

  • Why Lufolk?

    As an artisan I'm usign all my abilities to create a beautiful item that celebrates the craftsmanship. You are supporting learning and carry on history and traditions for the coming generations. I Highly value the knowledge for the craft and with your support we keep this art alive.

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    I message Lufolk asking if it was possible to engrave a Triskele on a ring. He said yes and to provide a few pictures of I would like. I did that and we agreed on a design, one that I liked and one that would work on the ring. Lufolk messaged me and showed me the ring when it was forged and it was beautiful. I received it a week and a half later and I could not be happier with it! Wonderful person to order from! Thank you Lufolk!


    Very beautiful and quality product! Perfect work and service by great craftsman!! All of your products are very cool and beautiful! For me It`s a big pleasure and honor to wear them!! Thank you!!


    It's one of my favorite necklaces to wear daily, my other favorites are also from here. Such beautiful and quality work. I love the feel of it so much. Always arrives quickly. Thank you so much!

  • "I adore this pendant!"

    This has become one of my favorite pendents. It's strong and beautiful. Thank you so much for this amazing piece. I'll definitely be back for more.