Custom orders

As I would like to call myself "the whole world's village blacksmith" custom orders is something I love to do. I do anything from hooks for your DIY wall hanger to railings for you balcony, a personalized pendant, wall art for your home or a carving axe in your design. I am working mainly in iron (mild, high-carbon steel or wrought iron) but I also work in other metals and materials such as silver, copper, brass, wood and leather

How to order

Please contact me via email or use the contact form at the bottom at this page.

  • Please describe what you are looking for and how I can help you. You can attach a picture or sketch of your design. If you want me to design, please let me know. If you want to you can attach a picture for reference/inspiration. 
  • Write measures/what size you want it to be. I will make your product approximately the provided size but if there is a measure that needs to be exact, please point that out and I will make it exact.
  • If you have a budget you can let me know. Often there are different ways making a product, a small change in the design can make the price change so if I know roughly how much I got to work with it will be easier to make the product match your budget.
  • Let me know if there are any other info that is good for me to know before I start making your order such as general look (rough or clean), if there are a specific technique you want or don't  want me to use or anything else

Processing time

I will give you a rough estimate when we first get in contact but I am forging the products in the order that they are paid so the first estimate can vary, it is normally in the 3-6 week range. You are welcome to check in anytime to see your current status/queue number and I will do a new estimation. If you wish to have your order for a specific occasion, please let me know so I can book a date and have it ready for our agreed date. 

When your order is finished I will contact you and send you photos so you can approve before I ship it out.


When we got all the details I will give you a quote with a fixed price and send an invoice to your email where you can complete your order. For orders up to 500 EUR I charge 100% in advance. For orders above 500 EUR  the payment can be splitted.

Return policy

Please contact me if you are considering a return. It's possible to return items that aren't personalized or made "just for you". Please contact me and we will discuss the case.

 Request a custom order