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How a Viking symbol became my wellbeing tool

From Viking Wisdom to Modern Wellbeing

Have you ever read about a culture and been struck by a symbol that seems to whisper secrets to you? That's exactly what happened to me recently while exploring a Viking runestone. One symbol, in particular, the triquetra, sparked a design idea that combines ancient wisdom with modern psychology.

The Inspiration: The Triquetra's Message

A symbol, found on several runestones like the one in Funbo, Sweden, is often interpreted as the triquetra symbol, representing interconnectedness and unity. As I delved deeper into Norse mythology, searching for its wisdom, I couldn't help but draw parallels to the concept of the CBT triangle in modern psychology. This triangle explores the powerful connection between our thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations.

We've all experienced the urge to change our mood by first tackling our thoughts. But what if, like me, that's not always the most effective approach? Reflecting on the triquetra, I wondered what would happen if I started in a different corner. It turned out, for me, focusing on my body – taking a walk, doing some stretches – was the key to unlocking a positive shift in my mood. This personal discovery ignited a desire to share this message and inspire others to explore their own well-being journeys.

The Design Process: A Wearable Reminder is Born

The timeless design of the carvings on the runestones deeply resonated with me. To translate this ancient spirit into a wearable reminder, I incorporated the triquetra symbol into a t-shirt design. But I wanted to add more. Runic inscriptions representing the three corners of the CBT triangle – Hugr (thoughts/mind), Geð (emotions/mood), and Líkamr (body/physical sensations) – were added to serve as a constant visual cue.

Here's what makes this t-shirt unique:

  • A wearable reminder for well-being: The design serves as a prompt to consider the mind-body connection throughout your day.
  • A unique print based on handmade art: You're not just getting a t-shirt; you're getting a piece of wearable art inspired by history and psychology.
pagan triquetra t shirt
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The CBT triangle and the connection to Triquetra

The beauty of the triquetra lies in its ability to bridge the gap between ancient and modern perspectives on well-being. The three points of the triangle – thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations – represent a universal experience.

  • Thoughts (Hugr): Our thoughts can significantly influence our emotions and physical state.
  • Emotions (Geð): Our emotions are often the first to react to situations.
  • Bodily Sensations (Líkamr): Our body's signals can be powerful indicators of our emotional and mental state.

The triquetra, with its interwoven lines, reminds us that these aspects are not isolated but rather a constantly interacting system. Understanding this connection is key to finding effective ways to manage stress, improve mood, and enhance overall well-being.

Wear Your Well-being

This t-shirt is more than just clothing; it's a conversation starter, a tool for self-discovery, and a constant reminder of the interconnectedness of your mind and body. Why not take the first step towards a more mindful and balanced you?

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