I have always been interested in the simple things in life. When I look back in history i gets inspired and fascinated by the people who came up with all the smart solutions to make our everyday life easier. It's impressive what you can accomplish with few tools and great skill. The first time I got that feeling, like wow I made this, this will be useful, was when I as a kid made a wooden spoon. And think that was the start, I have ever since been interested in making things. I started out working mostly with wood. Kept it basic, did some whittling etc. But with time i wanted to make other things that required some other tools, different chisels, planes and axes etc, and i thought it would be great to learn how to make my own tools. So i started to read and learn more about blacksmithing. I knew it would take some practice and time but all the time i was thinking if they can do it, then I can.

I started to build my forge back in 2010 and the more time I spent in the forge the more I realized that this is something I really want to do. After some time I gently started to put out pictures of my creations on social media and got great feedback right from the start and I am very thankful for that and all the support I got, it has really helped me to keep on going through all the trial and error that comes with being self taught.

A great thing about working with your hands and skill as your primary tool is that your are not bound to do what a machine is build to do, it makes you very free in your work and that is something I have been using when I have built my brand Lufolk. I meet people all over the world through social media with different ideas and needs and if I want to serve those people I have to be very free and flexible in my work. That is why I keep it traditional and working with the most basic tools and developing my skills to be better and better everyday.

I am fenno-swede based in a village close to Gävle in Sweden.I make jewelry, tools and household items for everyday life, larp or reenactment. I have my own production but also accept commission work so if you have a special order with your own design you can send me a message anytime! I like challenges.



Philip Lufolk


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