bushcraft tripod

Pack Smart, Explore More: The Portable Hand-forged Tripod

  • Unbreakable strength
  • Disappears in your backpack
  • Seconds to set up
  • A Lifetime of Adventure

Want to make your next oudoor adventure even more exiting?

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Fire starter edition

Pack Lighter, Go Further

This hand-forged tripod disappears in your pack, freeing up space for essentials. Plus, the included flint striker ignites a fire in any weather, making your wilderness experience effortless. Conquer any terrain without sacrificing essentials - everything you need for a self-sufficient adventure fits comfortably in your pocket.

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Mastering the art of fire

Lightning-Fast Setup, Spark Like a Aesir

Ever wanted to create sparks and lightning like Thor? While we can't promise you the lightning, we absolutly garunatee you a powerful shower of sparks to ignite your next fire. Our included Mjolnir flint striker makes it easy to start any fire and will accompany you for a lifetime.

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Loki's treasure

Viking Bundle: The Ultimate Bushcraft Companions ( Limited to 1 Piece)

Channel Your Inner Viking: Survive in any terrain, under any weather condition, and even in the harsh wilderness with this Viking-inspired kit. Our hand-forged tripod offers unmatched strength and portability. Spark a fire with the power of Thor using the Mjolnir flint striker. And conquer any task with the included authentic Viking axe.

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Struggling to start a fire?

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"How to use the flint striker"

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