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The Nature's Elements Collection - Earthbound, Tide, Inferno, and Skyward Pendants

The Nature's Elements Collection - Earthbound, Tide, Inferno, and Skyward Pendants

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The Tide Pendant - a symbol of the ebb and flow of life, the power of water to heal and renew (Water elemental)

Introducing the Tide Pendant, a symbol of intuition, emotion and the power of change. It was designed for those who seeks to be in tune with the flow of nature and feel every cycle of life. The Tide Pendant represents healing, purification, and fertility, and serves as a reminder of the power of water to bring life to all things. It is a talisman that can help the wearer navigate life's struggles and embrace change with grace and resilience.

The Skyward Pendant - a symbol of the boundless sky and the infinite possibilities it holds (Air elemental)

As you wear the Skyward Pendant close to your heart, you'll be reminded of your connection to the sky and all that flows in your life. Much like the wind, we're always moving forward in life, creating friction that puts us into motion. The Skyward Pendant invokes the feeling of open spaces and fresh air, representing movement in thought, motion, and action. It reflects clarity and rationality.

The Earthbound Pendant - a symbol of the unbreakable strength of the earth beneath our feet (Earth elemental)

The Earthbound Pendant represents protection, grounding, positivity, and will serve as a constant reminder to stay true to yourself and stand firm, even when others think they have the power to change you. This pendant is a symbol of strength, stability and empowerment. 

The Inferno Pendant - a symbol of the intense and transformative power of fire (Fire elemental)

The Inferno Pendant is a talisman that represents passion, change, and the eternal cycle of rebirth. As you wear the Inferno Pendant, you'll feel the warmth of the fire within you, reminding you that everything will be okay, even when it doesn't seem so. It serves as a reminder to be open to new possibilities or to let go of old patterns. 


  • Approximately 60 mm high
  • Burnt linseed oil as coating to prevent oxidation.
  • Cord is included.
  • Since it's all handmade, sizes and shapes may slightly vary.

Processing time

All products are made to order and have a 1-3 week processing time plus shipping time.

If you wish to have your order for a special occation please contact me so I can schedule and have it ready for our agreed date.

Shipping time within EU: 1-3 weeks

Shipping time outside EU: 2-4 weeks

Please note that shipping time is out of my control. Orders are shipped with Post nord.


It´s made out of iron / mild steel and has a coating of linseed oil (if not stated otherwise in description)


You can find the measurements of this product in the description. If there is a specific measure you are wondering about you can contact by opening the Chat or send me an email:

Care information

I recommend keeping the product away from water and moisture. It has a protective layer of linseed oil so if it gets wet no harm is done, just wipe it off and let it dry. The best protection and care is to use the product daily :)

Outdoor use: Depending on the environment it will be used it you might want to re-apply a protective layer of oil or wax on a regular basis.

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