best viking ship in norse mythology

Reignite the embers of ancient wisdom. Discover a world where fire, hammer, and craft infuse timeless tales within each piece of hand-forged jewelry. Carry this power of the past with you, and let it illuminate your future.

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viking blacksmith

Harnessing traditional forging techniques that have been passed down through generations, I meticulously craft each artifact with an unwavering dedication to quality. Just like the Vikings, who were explorers and adventurers at heart, I constantly challenge myself, exploring new ideas and techniques to further enhance the artistry of my creations.

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viking pendant, a sun cross

As a passionate blacksmith and Viking enthusiast, I embed my soul in every item I create, resulting in unique masterpieces that speak your distinct personality.

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  • Perfect as always. Lufolk is a favorite seller for a reason. Thank you!


  • My sister loved this gift! She has purchased other items from this seller before and the quality of the products is great!


  • The seller is extremely patient with customer service and their craftsmanship is top tier. Fell in love with the products the minute I opened my package and has been wearing them everyday since.

    Edward Stryker

  • Thank you so very much for your beautiful iron pendant. This is my fourth purchase from you. We appreciate you!

    Coyote Sunshine