Let yourself be transported to a world where fire and hammer shape, not just metal, but the very stories of our lives. Embrace the power of the past, and carry it with you into the future.

  • Wow! I'm in love with my Mjölnir! He is perfect! The quality is good and the texture is amazing! I really wanted something authentic. You can't ask for more than a Mjölnir hand forged in Sweden! I wanted a good pendent with weight and this Mjolnir made it! Thank you, Philip! <3

    /Nora Luca

  • This is my third piece I've ordered from this shop and they're all my favorite pieces of jewelry I own. They're perfectly simple and beautifully made.

    /Emilee Goodwin

  • This has become my all-time favorite Mjolnir! I love the linseed oil finish! Exactly what I hoped to receive. Strength & Years to you and your good work.

    /Nicholas Vester

  • Great, hand-made artisan piece made by someone who clearly knows what they're doing and puts time & effort into every piece. It's a little darker than it appears in the image but still high quality. Would happily recommend it to anyone!

    /Beornod P. Wodening