There's one invaluable resource we can't save or create in life —TIME. It's the essence of our existence, and we aim to seize every fleeting moment. But what if we could capture time in an object? Not just time, but weave within it stories, memories, emotions, that can be passed down to future generations.

As "The Whole World’s Blacksmith," I've made it my duty to forge such objects for you. From wedding rings and personalized jewelry to home decor, ornaments, and intricately carved axes and knives, each piece captures your personality, stories, and adventures.

These aren't just possessions; they're heirlooms for future generations, a tangible connection to your journey."

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How to order?

To Design and order your own personal Heirloom, you can use the contact form at the bottom and describe what are you looking for and how can help you. I will receive this email then, and from there, I will get back to you within 2 days.

From there, we will create and design your Heirloom together!

Processing Time

I will give you a rough estimate when we first get in contact. After the Payment, it takes normally 3-6 weeks to forge your personalized Heirloom. You are welcome to check in anytime to see your current status/queue number, and I will do a new estimation. If you wish to have your order for a specific occasion, please let me know so I can book a date and have it ready for our agreed date. 

When your order is finished I will contact you and send you photos so you can approve them before I ship it out.

Can I order Everyting

99% yes. during my 10 years of experience, I've forged a variety of different objects, from wedding rings to customized axes, knives, and tools, up to home decor and large statues/ornaments. I primarily work in iron but also specialize in other metals and materials like silver, copper, brass, wood, and leather. If you're uncertain about whether we can forge your heirloom, just ask me using the form below, and we'll explore the possibilities.

How much do I invest?

The investment varies from product to product. Once we have a clear idea of the item I will forge for you, I will provide you with a price and send an invoice to your email.

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