The Brand

What is Lufolk?

Lufolk embarked on a quest to stand apart from the ordinary world of jewelry. With a deep passion for Norse and pagan-inspired designs, we have forged a Brand that not only captures the spirit of ancient times but also elevates it to the peak of luxury.

From the intricate patterns on our jewelry to the strength of our swords and axes, every piece reflects our dedication to the highest standards of craftsmanship. At Lufolk, we believe in creating treasures that hold both history and artistry within, enabling you to adorn yourself and your surroundings with timeless elegance.

Our Core Values

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The Blacksmith

I have always been interested in the simple things in life. Looking back on history inspires me, showing what can be achieved with simple tools and great skill. The first time I felt that "Wow, I made this, this will be useful" was as a kid when I crafted a wooden spoon. This marked the beginning of my journey. Starting with basic items made of wood, I quickly progressed to metal, crafting more advanced tools like chisels, knives, and axes. Eager to learn, I delved deeper into blacksmithing.

In 2010, I began building my forge and realized this was my passion, giving birth to the brand "LUFOLK." Working with hands and skill as primary tools offers freedom beyond the machine's limitations. Combining ancient craft with modern technologies like social media enables me to connect with people worldwide, catering to diverse ideas and needs. 

From foreign jewelry to tools like axes and swords, to substantial projects like ornaments and home/garden decor, I always welcome challenges to showcase my skills and bring a taste of ancient times to the world. I proudly call myself "The Whole World's Blacksmith."